Monday, January 25, 2016


Hello my favorite people!  Hur gör det med er?  Vi är så bra här i Täby!  Honestly---By this point, I am basically just in love with Sweden! 

This week has been full of awesome, random, fun, and slow--yet great days!  Let's just say that probably the biggest thing I have learned this week is the importance of the individual! It has been humbling and it has really changed my views of missionary work. 

Well...I think we can just start out with the adventures of the week! 

Tuesday, we went on the prettiest walk along the coast with this cute new momma and her baby, Anna and Eden!  It was so peaceful, and much needed!  Just walking along the frozen ocean and seeing people skiing on it!  Haha...people had even made a little hockey rink-type thingy on the ocean!  I really wanted to go walk out on it!  But, I didnt quite feel like falling in and freezing entirely--its already cold enough here! 

Then we went to one of my favorite lady's house!  Her name is Jannike, and I just love her SO much!  We had a little challenge thing for that night...she sent us a text of all of the food she had, and then we went over and made dinner with all of the stuff she had!  It was so fun--I have really missed cooking! 

Then Pontus and Susanne took us on some fun adventures this week!  First, we went to this really good Greek Restaurant...

...and then this really cool tower looking over all of Stockholm!  Sadly, it was quite gloomy, so we couldn't see too far out, but its okay, because I LOVE the super gloomy days!  

Then after, we drove around Stockholm, and oh! it was just SO beautiful!  We took so many pictures! 

 The perfect gloomy day, and it just felt/looked like heaven!  

And then, to top it off, Pontus got us ice cream, and it was seriously the best ice cream I have ever had!  We got pepprakakor and saffron flavor...and it just tasted like Sweden!  Oh it was so good!  

Oh, yes--and we also got to see him at work!  He drives tunnelbanas (underground trains), and we have always wanted to try to get on his train, and we finally did!  

We just run onto one and then we get a text and he asks if we just got on to his tunnelbana...then he tells us to come to the front, and then when we stopped he let us come in and see the front!  It was so cool!  

And Pontus, I know you read this, and yes:  Du är bäst! 

Now, to answer any questions about the title of this letter...Friday we met up with a member from our ward--Jeremie!  We found out last week that he had never tried a grilled cheese. So, we decided we needed to change that!  So we did.  

We brought the cheese, he brought the bread and we went to the church and made some grilled cheese and he loved them!  Haha!  He was like, "These are SO good!  I was not expecting that!"  Haha, yes!  Oh, and best part...the church doesn't have a regular pan, so we had to use this super old, lame sauce pan! worked anyways!  

Then, he stayed along with a lesson we had later that night with one of our investigators.  It was basically a whole conversation on evolution.  This girl always has interesting--and sometimes quite random-- questions.  This weeks was, "If we don't come from monkeys, then why do we have tail bones?"  Haha!  Oh, these lessons are always fun! 

Then Saturday.  Probably one of my favorite days...a much needed day.  We started out with all of our plans, and then people canceled and the whole day changed.  

We basically ended up taking the bus for a long time to get to the sweetest family's house to do a little ding-dong ditch thing, and it was so fun!  We get all the way out there, and it was quite possibly the prettiest little place I have ever seen.  

It is just this area out in the forests, and it was super gloomy, and not too cold, and it was just perfect.  

We were just walking around for like 30 minutes trying to find their house...some may see that as a waste of time, but it was so perfect, and it just was a time where I just kind of reflected on things and was able to see just how much good there was--and there is.  

Once we found their house, I ran up, dropped off the treats, banged like a crazy person on their door, and then we booked it to the bus stop--just to find that we missed the bus by like 2 minutes, and since it was so out in the middle of nowhere, the next one wasn't coming for another hour!  

So, we ended up tracting all of these beautiful houses along the water, and it was just so beautiful! 

In addition to the already awesome week, we also got to go to two really great broadcasts. The first was the YSA one from a couple of weeks ago, and then Wednesday, there was a World Wide Missionary Conference!  So, for the sake of time, I will just share what stood out to me the most. 

{The Taby District during the surprise party they had for Aldste Sahlin, who went home this last week.}

First, from the YSA Conference, from Elder and Syster Nelson.  She was talking a lot about desperation, and how we can actually use that to be a great movitator.  I was thinking about that a lot, and it really is true.  SO much of the time desperation just seems to have a negative connotation...but it doesn't have to.  I think the difference is seeing something that may seem too hard and choosing to face it ourself or with the Lord.  

One thing I have learned since being out here is that I am nothing without my Lord, and I would not be able to do anything without Him.  But, with Him, desperation turns into motivation--and I know that I can do anything and all things that He asks of me. 

"When we're desperate to be better, that can lead us to be our best selves."  With the right motivation--and with God--we can do so much good.  My sweet comp, Sys. Bateman, told me about someone who decided that instead of being paranoid and thinking everything was against her, she decided to be "pronoid", and see that everything happens for a reason, and to look at everything like it is just happening in your favor.  

The only difference in being happy with anything is allowing yourself to see the good that has been done.  If we don't allow ourselves to see the good we do, or the good that God allows us and helps us to do, we will just look back on a mission--or life--and not be happy with it.  

So start now.  Look for the good.  The good you do, others do, and the Lord does--and be grateful for it.  "Even if you don´t ever see the effects of it, no good deed is ever wrong."  So, that's what I have learned this week and I hope that helps someone a little.  Look for the good, because you all do so much

Med kärlek, 

Syster Campbell

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