Monday, February 29, 2016


Oh, my family! 

This has quite possibly been the craziest, best, most heart-wrenching week of my life! 
So, we were having kind of a different week this week, because it was Syster Bateman's last week here in Täby!  So, when it's your last week in an area, we call it "Bye Week"...where you try and fit in seeing all of your favoritest people from that area!  So, it was a super busy, crazy, fun week! 
{on their P-day trip into Stockholm...gazing into all the wonders displayed in the "American Food & Gift Store!}
But, first to start off the week...P-Day!  This week, we went into Stockholm with the Elders because one of them wanted to get a jacket from this really big outdoors store here--Natur Kompaniet.--I am in love with that place!  It is like the Cabelas of Sweden!  Oh, and it is the same place where we get the awesome Fjällraven backpacks! 
So, we go inside the first one we see and...nothing...he doesn't want any of them.  So, onto the next Natur Kompaniet store we can find!  Same thing....nothing....and the process happens TWO more times!  So, finally after the third one, he was like, "Well maybe back in the second one we went to!"  So, we go back and BOOM!  We got it!  He found a few that he liked, but one was the perfect color but just too long, and another one was the right length but just not the right color... 
And then, I walk to the other side of the store and I grabbed a jacket and said, "Elder.... this is a woman's jacket.  It is the right color and the right length  and it does not look like a woman's jacket.  Try it on!"  Hahaha, and he did!  And it was perfect!!!!  So basically, one of our Elders just bought an awesome $300 woman's jacket with no regrets
Then, later that night, one of our FAVORITE families--the Pence Family--invited us to go bowling with them and all the missionaries in their Ward!  I, sadly, was very far from winning, however...apparently it has been too long! 
Then, for the rest of the week, we just saw all of our people and told everyone how Syster Bateman was leaving, and that I would just be getting a new companion here...then Saturday came along!
Saturday!!!  One of the craziest days of my life!  So, we start out going to the Clouse's, our Office couple's home, for breakfast!  We got there at the same time that transfer calls were happening, so we just went in the living room and waited for all of our Zone to get in on the call!  Our hearts were racing!  I was so scared!!!  I wasn't even able to sleep more than 4 hours because I was just thinking about it way too much! 
So, in the call they just went through all of the areas and explained the changes and then they said, "...and now Täby 1.... Syster Bateman, you are transferring to Göteborg.....and Syster are also transferring to Kristianstad!" OH, my goodness!!!!  My little heart just dropped!  I was so shocked!  Completely NOT expecting that, and I just got so scared! 
{Annie said Sys. Bateman took this of her right after she heard the news...she was SO sad!}
Oh!  This whole transfer thing is way freakier than I ever thought before coming out here!  I think it is just super hard to leave in general, but we are "doubling out", which means that both of us are leaving and two new sisters will be coming in.  And that is just kind of scary, because you want them to take care of your people...and for the most part, once the greenies finish their training, they typically stay in their area for another transfer.  But NO!  I know it probably doesn't sound like that big of a deal....but it is freaky! 
But anyways, we have our lovely breakfast, and then head over to the Church to start filling the font!  While we were there, we just kept getting phone call after phone call...everyone asking how we felt because this usually never happens! 
Our Elders, who are the AP's and POE's, (so they had already known what was going to happen), called and I couldn't even talk!  I'm sad to admit it, but I was just crying and didn't want to tell them how I felt about it yet until I was truly happy and excited for it!  

So they say, "Syster are you....?" (in a kind of timid voice, knowing how I would feel), and I just couldn't say anything, so I just walked off a little, and Sys. Bateman just says,"well... she just walked away..." and the Elders just burst out and say, "NOOOOOOOOOOO, Syster Campbell!!!!!!!  We are SO sorry!!!!  We promise we didn't choose it!  It was all President!!!"  Haha!  I just said "I'm fine", as I was still sobbing and they just kept saying "We are SO sorry!", over and over!!! 
{the Systers are so happy, they're blurry!}
But...I didn't have time to be sad because.....our dear Pontus was getting BAPTIZED!!! 
I can't even explain the Spirit that was there that night.  It was unlike any other.  There were so many missionaries that came and brought their own investigators, and even our Mission President and his wife came!  It was so special. 
It's truly unlike anything else to help someone you love come to the knowledge of their Savior, and accept the invitation to come unto Him and be baptized.  
Oh, I just love being a missionary and having the opportunity to see just how much the Lord loves His children, and how no matter what, He always will provide the way. 
{I LOVE the joy in these faces--what a roller-coaster day it had been for them--and still, what JOY!!!}
Then Sunday comes around, and let the good-byes begin!  Oh, I was just a mess!  We had just told all of our people that Sys. Bateman was leaving, and then we had to tell them that I was, too--and oh, it just killed me! 
This ward is just the best, and they loved the Systers SO much!  They had us bear our testimonies, and oh!  It just killed me!  I guess it is true that once you start to feel comfortable and at home, it's time to move on!  So, that was super hard, but I guess that's just how it is, and I will be just as sad every other time I leave a new home!
One of my favorite quotes that Sys. Bateman showed me says, "You will never be completely at home again.  Because part of your heart will always be elsewhere.  That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place."  Oh, it just kills me how true that is.
 I absolutely LOVE my home here in Täby.  It is my first home here in Sweden, and it will always have a special place in my heart!  I am excited, though, to just keep adding onto that. To just love these people just as much as I do here, and see just a glimpse of the amount of love that the Lord has for these people! 
So, here I come, Kristianstad!  It is way down south at the very bottom of Sweden in a region called Skåne!  It is well known here for its crazy, hard to understand accent...everyone says it is basically the "hillbilly" accent of Sweden!  Haha, oh I am so excited! 
Oh, and apparently it is just the dream to go to Skåne in the Spring!!!!  Wildflowers EVERYWHERE!!!  So, I guess I will be sending pictures of those soon! 
Well, my dear family--and everyone that is basically family--if I have learned anything from this week, it is that the Lord has a plan......and usually, that plan is quite different than the plan we had.  But, that is the good part!  Because we don't know what we're doing!  We don't know what's best for us!  But, there is One who does know--so we should be grateful every day for that... 
...that there is a God up there that knows us and loves us and calls us by name everyday, asking us to follow in His ways and in the ways of His Son, because that is what will bring us more happiness than anything in this life.  Change is scary, but change is good.  The Lord will provide, and He will always be there for you. 
There were so many reasons for Christ to perform the Atonement.  It was so that whenever you and I are scared, uncertain, or confused about the future, we didn't have to fear it.  It was so that when we take that first step onto the water, or that first step in the dark, we wouldn't have to do it alone.  That there will always be that light guiding us through.  His hand will forever be extended out to catch ours through whatever it is that we are going through. 
Pray to feel that saving power every day.  Pray for comfort in times of need...but, in return, send a little prayer of thanks.  Thank the Lord with all your heart and feel the peace in return!

I love you all dearly, and I hope you are all safe, happy and well!... Last letter until I'm in Kristianstad! (oh and p.s., it sounds like Crow-han-stad--yup--that's what Swedish does! It makes you say things COMPLETELY differently...but it is so beautiful!!!)
Med Kärlek,

Syster Campbell

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