Monday, December 12, 2016


{No pictures from Syster Campbell again this week--so many thanks to Claudia for these!}

Well, transfers are this week, and I'm staying in Södertälje with Syster Anderson for Christmas!  No changes here.

It was a crazy, busy week!  We had Christmas Conference, and then I was sick the rest of the week, so most of the week was just a blur of sore throat and coughing!  But this week we did get one of the most beautiful snow falls I have EVER seen!  Okay, well, I haven't been around that much snow in my life, but yesterday was absolutely gorgeous.

As for thoughts this week, I have just been thinking so much about the main things I have learned on my mission so far.  I seem to be getting that question a lot lately since I go on splits so much with the Systers, and they are always asking about my mission and what I have learned.  And just about every time it's a new answer.  I just feel like I have been SO blessed with learning SO many lessons, but I guess I have just had a LOT to learn!  But yesterday, as I was asked that question again, one lesson came up that I never quite thought through all the way as I did when I just talked it out with her...
I was talking about how lately I feel like the Lord has been teaching me about giving my whole heart, might, mind and strength.  Seemingly impossible at times.  I have gotten overwhelmed at times trying to think about how I can do that, but as I was talking about it last night, it just kind of all became so much clearer to me. 

So, it all kind of goes back to quite a while ago when my sweet sister Sarah, (who served in the Argentina Rosario Mission), sent me a little bit of advise.  She said that often on missions, we get down on ourselves because we feel like we're not giving our whole heart, might, mind and strength...but then something really hit me: "but who said you weren't already."  Whether our all is a million bucks or the widow's mite--only the Lord knows.
I started to think about all those times when I look back and think I could have done something so much better.  But, what am I doing by doing that?  I'm comparing my past abilities to what I can do now.  So, naturally our goal is to improve.  And that's what we're doing! 

As we think we could have done more, that is probably because now we can handle more. And what is that?  That is the Atonement working in our lives.  That is the enabling power. What we once couldn't do before now becomes something that we can do without even thinking.  

It is in our nature to progress.  But it is recognizing that and letting that be our motivation that can drive us forward. 
This may just sound like a lot of random thoughts, but it's been something that has helped me, so maybe it can help somebody else.  So, if you ever feel like your falling short in anything--seriously ANYTHING--take it to the Lord.  See what has been done, then look at what your are doing--and then to what you can do. 

This life is just an eternal course of progression and learning from mistakes.  The sooner we can get over them, the quicker we can move on and quit feeling bad, or down, and start thanking the Lord for what he already has done for us.
I still have so much to learn, but I have come to see that I am greatful for the times that I have come short, because I see now that the Lord has strengthened me so that now I can do more than I could before--and tomorrow the Lord will help me to do more than I could today.

Be grateful for the good that the Lord has given you!  Use it and keep going.  If you rely on the past, that's where you're going to go.  Backwards.  Look to the sky, and keep your head up!  The sky is always better looking than the ground anyways, so don't waste your time looking down!
 Well, that's all for this week.  I just love you all, and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Med Kärlek,

Syster Campbell

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