Tuesday, April 11, 2017



And once again to some of you, sorry for the shortness of the letter...to all you others, you're welcome for the shortness of the coming letter!
 WOW.  Last full week in my dearly beloved Sweden.  Surreal.  I really can't describe.  I am so very excited to be home once again...but then, again, I am leaving a part of my heart here in this new home I have come to love so very much!  
It's kind of weird thinking about how we put everything on hold for 18 months...give all that we have, and then return home almost like nothing ever happened.  The weirdest thing is, that I honestly just feel like a completely different person.  I have no clue what I am supposed to do when this is over!  It's scary!
I feel like I have finally hit this mark where I feel like I have found my place here.  I love it.  I feel comfortable and at home--but, I guess that's the beginning of all change.  Well, that and a broken heart.........
I think that is just the Lord saying, "You've done good, now let's do better."  He loves us too much for us to just be satisfied with our lives--and I am grateful for that.  Painful, but worth it.  
I can't even say how grateful I have been for the experiences that my Father has given me.  I feel like he has just given me a clean slate.....  
A fresh pair of eyes and a new heart.  A mind that is drawn more to Him and a greater understanding of the fact that this is not all.  That there is SO much more awaiting us.  
With the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives the possibilities and opportunities of finding true and lasting happiness are absolutely infinite.

I love you all with all my heart,

Syster Campbell

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