Thursday, October 22, 2015


Well...our first post here.

This last Sunday, our good friend Sam Bailey--a wonderful photographer--met us in beautiful Monterey to take some pictures of Annie before her mission.

It was a glorious evening!

He said he was a little worried because it was later than he liked when we started--about 5:30 pm--but, later, he said he learned a great lesson:  "Don't be afraid of the dark"!

The pictures turned out beautifully--and with a different quality than he would normally have achieved.  Good to know!

I took a few, too.  The ones by the blue door.  The ones that are MUCH less professional-looking!

Time is flying.  The days are passing much too quickly, and Annie's farewell party and talk in Sacrament Meeting will be happening in just a couple of days...

Family and friends will soon be arriving.

Her suitcases lay open in one of the bedrooms in our home.  Belongings--long thought of and arranged--are laying in and around them.

Necessary items are gathered.  More things considered and re-considered.

A mission--very long planned--is about to occur.

Our daughter is ready.

I keep hugging her tight and saying, "Don't leave me---get out of here!"  Just the thought of her being gone fills my eyes with tears...but the knowledge of who she will become as she serves the Lord in Sweden FAR outweighs my sadness at her going...AND I know that the sooner she begins, the sooner she'll be back with us here!  But, SHE is not in a hurry...she wants to savor each and every one of those mission days to come...

So, here are a few pictures of our very soon-to-be-missionary to share with you all.  She truly is beautiful. Inside and out.  We are so proud of her and the choices she has made and continues to make.

We will continue sharing her experiences here as she goes from day to day and week to week throughout her mission.

We're so excited to see her growth and experiences as she serves and loves the people and other missionaries in Sweden.

We are so grateful to all of you for the love you feel for Annie.  For your concern and support for her and interest in her life and her mission.  That friendship and love just makes everything in life a little more sweet, doesn't it?

Be back soon.

The Missionary Mom

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