Thursday, November 5, 2015


Wow!  What a whirlwind of emotion swirls around a missionary--and their entire family--on the day they are to enter the MTC...

They have been preparing for so very long--spiritually and temporally--for this day.  For this time.  For this service...

And, now, it is finally time.

After the packing and re-packing, checking and double-checking the lists previously made, all was done.  A father's blessing was given, with the help of a loving grandfather....

And the car was then loaded, and off we went.

Traditional time spent at the Provo Temple for family pictures was fully taken advantage of.  We love this is so very bittersweet!  Having Annie leaving as the third of our three missionary daughters didn't make it any easier, I can tell you!

Hugs and kisses.

Silliness and tears.

Exuberant joy shared!

All happening with the knowledge that in just a very few minutes, we won't have that time again with that loved one for 18 months....

We were so grateful to have Grandma and Grandpa Smith, as well as Auntie Karen, Lyndsie and Clayn with us on this MTC day.

When the time had arrived, we all piled in our van--circus clown style--and headed off the the MTC.

Passing the guards at the entrance--

"please proceed to spot 22", we were told--as well as the instruction that we would only have a few minutes to say our good-byes.  We drove very slowly to the designated area...

Piling out of the car, the hugging and good-byeing began anew.

Advice was given.

Love was shared...

And, yes--the tears did flow........but--they were very, very happy tears.

And then this girl of ours--this last of three missionary daughters--looked back at us triumphantly, with the biggest smile on her face--as she walked away from all that she loved, and those that she loved--for something that she would love far more.

And the wave says it all.  She was off.  No regrets.

Time to give all her heart, might, mind and strength to learning and doing what the Lord wants her to do.  Time to learn the Swedish language.  Time to learn--even more--how the Spirit feels and teaches, warns and blesses.

 Time to love.

 Time to serve.

 Time to become a missionary.

 The Missionary Mom

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