Monday, April 11, 2016


Hej Allihopa!  Hello, my favoritest people! 

Sweden is still beautiful, so we've got that going for us! 
It's transfers week yet again, and I am happy to say that there is no surprise move for me this time!  But sadly, I am killing my sweet Syster Stetler and sending her back to the States! I am quite sad about this, eftersom jag älskar henne så mycket! 
But, I am getting Syster Haikkola!  She is from Finland!  I am so excited!  And she is already fluent in Swedish, so basically I am going to make her teach me like crazy, and I am hoping to sound flippin' awesome speaking Swedish with a little Finnish accent that I am planning on picking up on!, that is spännande! 
Alright...let's see what even happened this week!  This week was so, so good!  Since this is Syster Stetler's last week, we wanted to really work hard.  So last week we had about 20 lessons that we taught--this week we had 53!  Crazy!  Oh, it felt so good! 

Oh, and since it was Stets' last week, we also had a "funeral" for her at our last District meeting!  Haha!  We had all of her companions send in videos and I wrote out a eulogy of all of our hilariously weird experiences here together!  It was pretty great--mission life is an interesting one!
Oh, and a funny cat story for the week!   So, we were at this member's house and she has a cat.  She loves her cat, and was telling us about how she loves her cat. ,She left the room for a minute, and while she was gone, I reached forward to pet the cat and it was quite nice and pleasant...and then it licks my hand--and then out of nowhere, it bites me!  And for some reason my immediate reaction was to smack it on the head!  Then I look over at Syster Stetler and she is just in shock!  I said, "What!? It bit me!" She said, "It did!?  I thought you just were petting it and then smacked it out of nowhere--but okay, I would do the same!" 
And then last funny little we were having Fika with some of our favorite people-- (not quite investigators, but these are girls that we are really good friends with, that like us and like to tell all of their friends about us!  For some reason people are proud to have us as their friends here--they proudly show us off--its pretty funny actually!) 
But anyways, we were Fika-ing (another side Fika is a verb here.  One can "Fika" or have a "Fika"--it is basically the equivalent of a coffee break, but with tea and pastries or just some kind of little meal.) 
So anyways, we were with them, and somehow they got off on the topic of how all students in Sweden at some point go either to Poland or Germany to see and learn more about Concentration Camps.  One of them said that she didn't really have a good experience there.  She said, "They made us stay at the WORST hotel ever, and they had super bad food, and the Camps were just kind of scary.........oh, yeah--but then after, we went to KFC!!!  So, it was all good!"  We all just stood there in shock!  We said, "Seriously Fadde...complaining about the hotel and the food while you were out to see a Concentration Camp?"  She said, "What!? We don't have KFC here!"   Haha!  Oh, man....she's is a funny one!

But that's about it for this week.  We have been listening to and reading Conference talks over and over this week--and I just can't help but think of how grateful I am that we have General Conference. 
It really is amazing the difference it make when I listen to them.  Just the concept that we can receive revelation TODAY from our living Prophet and Apostles!  That really is something to be grateful for! 
And one amazing thing for me to see was that preparation for General Conference really does make a difference.  For two weeks I tried to think of things I needed help with from Conference, and coming up with questions that I had--and I have to say, each and every one of those questions was answered up to the very last two minutes of the last talk.  The Lord is so very aware! 
 One thing that I have been thinking a lot about this week was from President Uchtdorf's talk. I absolutely loved his, as I am sure many others of you did, too!  I loved his story of the church that was destroyed during the War, and how after many years it was rebuilt into a beautiful church--even more magnificent  than before. 
President Uchtdorf said, "If mortal hands can transform rubble and ruins into a beautiful house of worship, then we can have confidence and trust that our loving Heavenly Father can and will rebuild us.  His plan is to build us into something far greater than what we were--far greater than what we can ever imagine." 
I thought that was so beautiful and so true. If we will just turn to the Lord and seek His guidance and correction, we can become something far greater than we could become by ourselves!

I love you all, and I hope that you will all read and dilligently search these words we have just heard from Conference.  They are here for you and they will help you--no matter what you are going through in life. 

I love you all, 

Syster Campbell

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