Monday, June 13, 2016


Hello, my family & friends!

I hope life is swell for you all!  Its been pretty lovely here!  Beautiful summer weather, long never- ending days--literally--because it doesn't get completely dark!  When we go to bed at night, we have to make sure we completely cover the windows or the light will keep us up!  Haha! I've never have had this problem before--I love it!
Other than that, we had a lesson in the cemetery, and met with a guy who was an hour and a half late and he had a never ending supply of questions!  
{their favorite place, she says!}
Saturday, the Elders had a funny day...let's just say they broke an ice cream scoop, left one of their bags on a train, left their keys in another bag that was at our house, took the bus all the way to their apartment, and then called us saying that they left their, at 9:30pm, we walked to the station to bring them their keys!  
We figured they had had I pretty awful day, so we decided to draw them a picture!  We drew all of us, the K-squad Crew and each of our own struggles.  Me--always hurting myself, so I drew a little cast; one of the Elders with the broken ice cream scoop, the other with the bus card in his hand which he lost...and then for Syster Howlett...well, that is just a whole different story!  
{a "teepee" they found in Kristianstad}
So, occasionally there are "mean" trainers who tell their babies (greenies) that the phrase,  "Jag har bråttom" means, "I have diarrhea"--when in reality it means, "I'm in a hurry!"  So, naturally, Swedes say it all the time!  To the trainer and the Swede, they hear that the person is in a hurry--while to the mis-informed greenie, they are hearing that everybody has diarrhea!  
{a day working with the Sister Trainer Leaders}
So, in an effort to try and be a nice trainer on her first day here, I told her that some of the time trainers are "mean" and tell their greenies that "bråttom" means diarrhea.  Well, apparently due to the fact that it was only her second day, there was just too much information to take in all at once--so she just heard bråttom=Diarrhea.  Hahaha!  So, for two weeks, my poor Syster Howlett thought that was what it meant!  
Finally, she just snapped and said, "Okay, why in the world do Swedes think that it is even okay or even an excuse to say that they have diarrhea all the time!  I don't get it!"  Oh, wow!  If only I had a picture of my face at that moment--after two whole weeks--I just about died!  I just said, "Wait.... WHAT?!"  Hahaha--so you know bråttom doesn't actually mean diarrhea, right?!"  The saddest most confused look just comes over her face and she says, "What?!" Haha!  That was truly a great moment!
 {with one of her favorite members of their branch in Kristianstad}
Well, sadly I must go--but one thing to leave you with; "The Holy Ghost as Your Companion" , by President Henry B. Eyring--please read it.  Just do it.  It is so beautiful, and just so simply states why we need to constantly strive to live to have the Spirit with us.
 Jag älskar alla er med hela mitt hjärta!

Med kärlek, 

Syster Campbell (Syster Lägerklocka!) 
 {a graduation celebration in Kristianstad}

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