Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Well hello, my dearest people! 

This letter's got to be cut short, but it has been an AWESOME week!

Just to hit the essentials...the work is seriously amazing right now.  I can't believe it at times. Honestly, miracles are happening, and it is very humbling to be watching them right where we are. 

Min lila grönsak is amazing! I love training, because seriously my "kid", Syster Howlett, is training me

But honestly, I was really scared to train!  I felt so inadequate--I felt so young in the mission and I did not think I could help her enough with the language because I was struggling enough myself! 

But, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I have felt the language increasing in just the past 2 weeks.  It's been a miracle really!  
I still have so much to learn, but the Lord really has helped me and strengthened me, and that is usually something that is really hard for me to tell when I have improved in something--so that has really told me something this week! 

But aside from that, my comp is just wonderful.  She is incredible and I just love her to pieces!  We have so much fun together--making Pad Thai, taking care of our cilantro plant, Hector.... 

Fun/not so fun fact for ya...apparently Sweden doesn't believe in just selling cilantro in bunches.  You have to buy the whole plant if you want any cilantro!  So, that's what we did! We bought him, took him home, and he now sits on our window sill where he gets approximately 19-20 hours of sunlight a day! 

He was without dirt for a week, but we finally had the Elders get some dirt for him.  They came back with a bag of dirt they had gotten from the Orthodox church next door.  They said they were pretty sure they got it off of the grave of a dog--we're not quite sure what to think of that!  So, Hector is doing pretty good... 

And as far as we go...we are LOVING the sun!  It is so fun and crazy to just wake up and the sun has already been up for hours!  Sometimes we are out contacting--talking to some amazing people on the streets,  and making up games while contacting to have fun as we work, and then we realize it is 10:00pm and we needed to be home an hour ago!  It's horrible, because the beautiful warm sun can just keep you out for hours and you don't even realize! 

It has been so hot, and I have been trying to work on my tan a little here and there--haha, not really, though!  We are just out in the sun for hours, I get burned and then it tans!  It's a pretty good deal!
And one of the best parts of the week?  A visit from Pontus and Susi!  They surprised me--and I loved it so, so much!                         
Well, this has also been a really weird week!  First off, Friday was this grad night-type of thing for the students graduating, and apparently in Scandinavia on the last day of school, people dress up really weird and then go around and have a type of scavenger hunt thing.  So basically it was like Halloween--but Swedish!  I don't know, there were just Vikings, and firefighters, and people dressed up like whoopy cushions all over the place! 
At one point while we were contacting, Syster Howlett just turns to me and says, "We should go see what the whoopy cushions think the meaning of life is!"  I just died laughing, and the night just got weirder after that.......... 
We had a lesson with two guys that were up on their 3rd floor apartment balcony!  So, that was interesting!  They said "Hey!", as we were walking by, so we decided to make a lesson out of it!  It was pretty funny!  So, we got to teach Marco from Italy and his friend the whole Restoration while yelling up to the balcony! 
At one point they said, "wait there--we're coming down!"  We waited a minute, and then they came back out on the balcony and said, "actually, were too lazy.  But if we throw down the keys, will you come up?"  Haha.  No.  And then continued teaching from down there.  It was definitely an interesting experience!  Haha, good memories!
After that, we met a 20-something Swedish Buddhist who kissed us three times each on the cheeks--super weird!   He said that we were completely different than what 'South Park' makes us out to be!  He said, "They just make you guys seem so weird--but you guys are chill, and apparently Mormons are beautiful!"  That was awkward! 
But the best/worst part was that the Elders were just down the street watching the whole thing, and just cracking up the whole time--so after that we just said, "well, actually we have Elders here, too--and they are right over there!"  So, we walked over and introduced him to the Elders!  We're thinking the Elders can probably teach this one, haha!  But, we are playing basketball with the Buddhist this week...so that should be fun!
Other than that, we had the most AMAZING P-Day today!  We biked all around the beach in Malmö...it was absolutely gorgeous!  Just a huge group of us riding around for hours and getting off at random spots to take pictures and have fun! 
And our final destination--the bridge to Denmark!  It was so cool!  We didn't get to go on top, but I just stood under it, and that was pretty cool!  
So, I think that counts as going to Denmark, right?!  Well, if we go to the Temple soon, I will actually be able to go to the Temple in Denmark! 
Well, that's about all I have time for--but to share something that has helped me this week, I have really loved listening to these two talks lately: "Be Thou Humble", and "The Healing Ointment of Forgiveness" that were given in this past April General Conference.  Both are really good reminders of how we can try to improve ourselves every day. 
Well I love you all, and I want to hear how you are all doing!

Med Kärlek, 

Syster Campbell

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