Monday, May 30, 2016


Life as a trainer is just splendid!  I absolutely LOVE my "daughter", and we are just having the dandiest time together! 

Started out the week with another long trip to Stockholm to pick up my lila grönsak--or my little greenie!  Tuesday night I was supposed to stay with the sisters in Jakobsberg, and I as I'm getting close, I try to call them to let them know that I am getting in about 20 minutes early.  They don't answer, but I just keep going anyway... 
{saying good-bye to Syster Haikkola}
When I get there to the Barkaby Station, I get a phone call--I answer, and its the Systers and they say they say they didn't know I was staying the night, and they felt so bad because they were an hour away at a dinner appointment!  Haha, oh, well--it was great, though!  I explored this little town Barkaby all by myself for a while, and it was really quite enjoyable! 
{Sys. Howell and Campbell with Syster Bateman and Aldste Halterman}
After a little bit my dearest Mission mamma, Syster Bateman calls since it was her last night, and we were just talking and I tell her I was all alone for an hour, and she's just telling me that she doesn't like that, and to be careful--and then all of a sudden the phone just dies! 
It was apparently too cold outside, and it just decided to die right as she was saying to be careful! 

An hour later, the Systers get there, I plug in the phone and have 9 missed calls--6 from Sys. Bateman and 3 from the Elders!  I was glad to report that I had not died, and that it was all good!  But, then the next day came and we got our "babies", and then off to our new areas! 
{The new companions ready to leave Stockholm and head to Kristianstad!}
Things have already been so great!  We got a baptism date with one of our dearest investigators!  Oh, she is just amazing--and we are just hoping and praying that everything will go well with that!  We have also had some really great kontakting stunds, we've met so many cool people lately, and we have set up 4 appointments this week with people that we just met on the street!  That's actually really crazy, so I am really excited! 
And we have given out about 4 Swedish and 4 Arabic Book of Mormons and planning on giving out 2 Albanian Book of Mormons just to people we have met on the street the past few days!  It has been so cool!  So many miracles, and we have been so exhausted every single day! 
Saturday, we did service for one of our favorite ladies in the Branch!  Afterwards, I looked up times for trains to leave, and saw that we needed to go super quick!  We changed and got out the door, and I was just like "you guys better run or we're staying here another hour till the next train!"  

Both the Elders just said, "No, we don't like running! We feel all sweaty and gross when we have to run in a white shirt and tie!"  Me and Sys. Howlett started running and then a minute later the Elders go sprinting by! 
Well, we're running on the street and the Elders decide to take a shortcut through all of these trees and bushes--and then as they're laughing at us because they were going to make it to the station first, one of the Elders just totally falls and slides on the grass...right as they are laughing at us!  I was laughing so hard, and so were some of the people at the train station--which was literally just 10 steps further!  As we run by, in he just stays on the ground--flat on his face with absolutely no motivation to get up.  A couple of minutes later he decides to join us.... 
Then, I look at when the train is supposed to come, and little did I know that the time-16:00-- that I thought the train was supposed to come, was actually just the time we were supposed to leave!  Hahaha!  But sadly, due to a little pride, I didn't say a word.  About 8 minutes later, the Elders just look at me with a slightly disgusted look and just say, "We totally could have walked."  I didn't have the nerve to tell them about the timing, and they didn't notice! So to this day, they just think the train was a little late...But, hey!  I learned a good lesson from it! 
Oh, and then one last funny thing.  I feel so bad, and I was a horrible "mother" for it, but one day I saw Eunice, my greenie (Syster Howlett) getting some apple juice from the fridge.  I had never opened it, nor dared to try it because I didn't know how long it had been in the fridge--because I hadn't bought it.  So, sadly it was probably one of those "ghosts of sisters past" as we call it--as in something that has just stayed in the apartment for who knows how long! 
Well, I see her pouring a glass and just drinking it very slowly--putting it down after every sip and having a kind of sour look on her face.  As she finishes the glass she just says, "Swedish apple juice tastes kind of odd", in a sad little innocent voice--as she was hoping for some amazing Swedish juice.  She then goes back to the fridge and checks the date and says, "I think I know why it was weird........."  Why?  "It's date was for a few months ago..."  Then she smells it, nods her head and pours it down the sink.  To our surprise, the whole bottom was just filled with gelatin curds and we were just amazed at the grossness of what she just drank.  Haha!  Lesson learned!  Always check the expiration date in a missionary's apartment before you are going to put something into your mouth!
{Last week's Pday playing beach volleyball in Malmo--they had so much fun together!}
Well, aside from that lovely note--we are going to have a wonderfully enjoyable day at the beach in Åhus today!  The dreamiest little beach town! 
{Syster Irene and Syster Campbell}
And now for two things I would like you all to do! 

# 1) Read Mosiah 11-13, and picture Abinadi saying all of these things to King Noah and his priests--it's awesome, and you can just hear the attitude in his words.  I love it! 
And # 2) Watch, "Tack Vare Honom", and "Han Lever".  These are the "Because of Him" and "Because He Lives" videos--except in Swedish, and they are beautiful!  

Watch them, love them ,and then you will hear the words that are constantly stuck in my head! 
Well, that is about it for this week--but keep going on, keep doing what your doing, just keep swimming....and start where you are!  "We don't need to be 'more' of anything to start to become the person God intended us to become.  God will take you as you are at this very moment, and begin to work with you.  All you need is a willing heart, a desire to believe and trust in the Lord!" 

Jag älskar alla er med hela mitt hjärta! 

Med Kärlek, 

Syster Campbell
{this package from home arrived in ONE WEEK--a miracle!!!}

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