Monday, May 9, 2016


Happy Mother's Day...yesterday! 

I got to see my FAMILY!!!  You guys--you just need to know I love you so much and your faces just made my whole day! 
Well, this has been quite the week!  Monday, I hopped around all day using my little European crutches (which KILL your hands and arms!) and had a picnic in the park! 
Wednesday, we finally made it over to Vård Central, the hospital/doctor to get my ankle checked out.  It was really quite a fun experience!  
Except for the whole hour trying to get there, once we got there they checked the ankle and then put me in one of those hospital bed thingys, and then I just got pushed around on that from room to room!  I got x-rays and everything!  So, now I get to cross "Ride on a hospital Bed" off my bucket list! 
But the best part was that I got 3 contacts while in the hospital, as in I told 3 people that we were missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and during the waiting times, I read Mormons Bok and I could tell that a lot of people walking by read the it still was kind of missionary work! 
Oh, and then we had a Yoga and Smoothies activity for Relief was actually really fun, and I did what I could with only one useful foot! 
Friday--crazy story of the week!  Okay, so Friday we went with the Elders to go and do service chopping and stacking wood for four hours for one of our ward families on their farm!  So fun, and right up my alley!  It was way out in the country, absolutely GORGEOUS! I was just dying it was so beautiful! 
Anyways, on with the story--we were going to go back on Saturday and do more, but we just couldn't.  And then yesterday in Church, the Elders told us that we weren't having our correlation meeting with the Ward Mission Leader that morning, because his wife--she was there chopping wood with us, too--got her finger got chopped off!!!  OH, it is so horrible! 
It was so sad, and I'm also glad that I wasn't there that day...I have no clue how I even would have reacted seeing that!  So crazy...but then she got to Skype her daughter who's on a mission yesterday, so I'm sure they had quite the story to tell her! 
Well...that was our week!  A little crazy and all over the place, but fun as always!

Aside from that, something that I have found that I love this week has been the talk, "To Young Women" by Jeffrey R. Holland.  My mission momma, Syster Bateman, actually sent this to me and told me to read it and I love it, and I just feel like I should share a little portion of that. 
He says:

 "First of all, I want you to be proud you are a woman.  I want you to feel the reality of what that means, to know who you truly are.  You are literally a spirit daughter of Heavenly Parents with a divine nature and an eternal destiny.  That surpassing truth should be fixed deep in your soul, and be fundamental to every decision you make as you grow into mature womanhood. 
"There could never be a greater authentication of your dignity, your worth, your privileges, and your promise.  Your Father in Heaven knows your name and knows your circumstance.  He hears your prayers.  He knows your hopes and dreams, including your fears and frustrations.  And He knows what you can become through faith in Him. 
"Because of this divine heritage, you--along with all of your spiritual sisters and brothers-- have full equality in His sight and are empowered through obedience to become a rightful heir in His eternal kingdom." 

I just loved that so much, and I hope you all can go on and read the rest of the talk.  It really is the perfect talk for all women today.  But the main message is--Our Father is so very aware of us and knows who we are and He knows exactly what we are going through. 
As we try to follow Him and be obedient, as it says,  "we are empowered through obedience to become a rightful heir in His eternal kingdom." 

On my mission, I have found that obedience truly is the key to happiness. As we do what the Lord would have us do, we will find happiness.  Learn to love the Lord.  As you do, you will see the purpose behind His commandments, and you will happily keep them because you love them.  Love the Lord.  Love His commandments.  They will bring you peace and freedom in life. 
I love you all with all of my heart! 


Syster Campbell

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