Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Another amazing week has just been had, full of spiritual highs and physical lows...it started off with Syster's Conference and ended off with a lovely sprained ankle! 

Life truly takes you places you never thought!  This week really did fit in with the theme of the Conference--"Oh the places you will go!"  It was an amazing Conference, and just what I needed! 
Got to spend Tuesday night in my home, TÄBY!  Stayed there with 5 other sisters, including my MOM--Syster Bateman!  And the Täby sisters also surprised us by having Pontus there when we got to the station!  It truly was just the best! 
But just a little from Conference.  There were a couple of quotes that just really stood out to me:  "If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything." And, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"  I love both of those so much!  Establish who you are, who you want to be and who the Lord wants you to be, and go with it!  That person you want to become will make you stretch--but thats the only way to become.  
The Lord sees your potential, and the only things that can get in the way of that are the limitations you set on yourself.  As long as we stand steadfast with the Lord, no matter where life takes us we will be able to see that it has just been the Lord guiding us to where we need to be! 
A couple of other things this week--Saturday was Valborg (the -g sounds like an -e so its val-bor-e)!  It's when the Swedes have huge bonfires bringing in spring...and it's also a mark of when the days are as long as the nights!  So, we celebrated that in K-stad with some futbol and innebandy, and then in Lund with some brenball (Swedish baseball) and FUTBOL!!! 
Sadly, during that last game of futbol the tragedy occured...apparently, one of the Elders couldn't take my awesome soccer skills, so as I had the ball and was running to the goal, he comes up and kicks it super hard--my foot snaps the other way, and I just start walking off thinking that the snapping sound I just heard was probably not the best.  I walked for a little bit and came to the conclusion to sit.  
Apparently, I am pretty good at hiding when I am hurt so nobody could really tell, but then people came up after like 15 minutes and were saying, ummm....you've got to get some ice on that...like now.  So we did!  But sadly, I wasn't the only injured one--that Elder thinks he broke his toe.  But he was just laughing, and went back and played later so he's fine!
Other than that, I hopped into church, and left with crutches that a member went home and got for me!  The members here seriously just are the best.  Syster Haikkola is taking care of me...when she is not too busy laughing at me, but hey--it builds character right?! 
But life is good.  I just have to say, be grateful for American crutches--they are SO much better!  My hands have blisters already, but I am about to get super toned arms and crazy good leg muscles--just on my left leg--but hey, its all good!  I was sad I wouldn't be able to workout, but this turns out to be an awesome workout! 
But aside from all that, one cool experience I have had with the scriptures was actually just this morning.  As I was frantically, one-footedly looking for my passport (for stuff for the doctor), I was looking everywhere, and I just couldn't find it! I  pulled out a folder, and I saw a sticky note on it.  It had a scripture reference I had written down a while ago of all of my favorite scriptures.  But I put it away and thought, "I just need to find my passport and I'll read it after!"  But, before my brain could finish the sentence, I reached back in, grabbed the note and my scriptures, and flipped open to it:
 Alma 34:21--"Cry unto him in your houses, yea, over all your household, both morning, mid-day and evening."

I was down on my knees faster than I could finish the scripture--and 2 seconds after the prayer, I see my passport in my suitcase.  Prayers are answered.
Well, I do believe I must go--but just know that I love you all and remember that soccer is still the best sport even if you get hurt while playing it! 

Med Kärlek, 

Syster Campbell 

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