Monday, May 23, 2016


 Hello, my dearest people!

This has been yet another fantastic week!  Can't stop thinking about getting my baby greenie straight from the US in a couple of days, so I'm kind of freaking out!

Well...lots of little things this week;
Måndag: mini golfing, innebandy, ping pong and introduced the other missionaries and an investigator to grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!
Onsdag: My mamma Bateman came into town from the beautiful city of Göteborg!  We had work-overs, so I got to spend the day being companions with Sys. Bateman again!  It was so great!  It was comprised of going to a hilarious old persons' institute...walking through forests for an hour to find our way home, contacting by a cemetery--and then just walking through because cemeteries in Sweden are just so beautiful!  Then, we climbed behind some bushes to take pictures with them, but they smelled really bad and really hurt to go through--so it wasn't the brightest idea!.
Fredag: Woke up in my home in Täby!  Did a workout outside with the Täby Systers--we went into the forests and brought the little DVD player for the workout video and worked out on the moss- covered forest ground!  It was so dreamy! 
Then, we got ready and went to the Train the Trainers Meeting!  It was so great!  I got to see all the Systers in my MTC group again, and it was so good being back in the Beckstrands' house!  It was just 4 hours of awesome training which both scared me and made me so excited to train! 

Also, I found out I can totally make my way across the country alone!  Even through one of the biggest and busiest train stations:  T-Central, in Stockholm!  It was super scary and intimidating at first, and now I'm just like, "When can I do it again!" Haha!  And I get to do it again tomorrow!
Well...I don't have too much aside from that, except for this one talk that I have been studying that I love!  It is called, "Faith Is Not By Chance, But By Choice", by Elder Neil L. Andersen.  He says: 

"How we live our lives increases or diminishes our faith.  Prayer, obedience, honesty, purity of thought and deed, and unselfishness increase faith.  Without these, faith diminishes.  Why did the Savior say to Peter,  "I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not"?  Because there is an adversary who delights in destroying our faith.  Be relentless in protecting your faith!"  

And he ends with, "Fear not... The future is as bright as your faith." 
It's comforting to me to know that as long as I have faith, I have no need to fear.  Because faith is the opposite of fear, we need not fear--for we know that the Lord is with us, which therefore defeats the purpose of even fearing at all!  I find so much peace in the fact that we can know for ourselves that He is really there--and all we need to do is pray and seek and we can see and know!

 I have found Him, and I know that everyone can---because I have seen it first-hand out here in Sweden, and I can honestly say I know that He is there for ALL.....

Find Him.   

I love you all with all my heart, and hope your all have the loveliest week!

Med Kärlek,

Syster Campbell

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