Monday, August 22, 2016


Well, I'm here in the Beautiful Helsingborg.  Everything has just been dandy, still livin' life down here in the South!  Sunsets blow me away every night, and I have a feeling I am going to come home with nothing but a million pictures of this place! keep it kind of short this week, I will just sum it up with the 3 things I have been learning a lot about lately: dedication, consecration and diligence to the Lord.  
I have noticed that as time on the mission goes by, it can get kind of easy to slip into a comfort zone and just kind of go with the flow instead of going outside of myself to learn and grow more.  But lucky for me, the Lord is very aware of this, so I was sent away to be stretched and learn some more! 
This week I have been trying to focus on being focused 100% of the time.  And I just have to say, it has made all of the difference.  I have found that I could do more than I ever thought possible.  That with a focused mind you can go beyond any physical barriers you may have previously set for yourself. 
I have seen the work go off like wild fire--just from trying to do a little bit better.  For being just a little more exact in  my obedience to every rule.  I have never not been one for rules, but, perhaps I occasionally get a little lazy with them--but I really have seen the Lord's promise come to pass that exact obedience brings blessings.
{With her new companion, Syster Christoffersen!}
This week I have also been trying to focus a lot on finding the one.  Every day before we leave the house, we pray that we may be able to be led to the prepared people here, or that they will be led to us.  I have found that as I try and have that on my mind, I come to see each one of them as an answer to that prayer.  
Even if they don't accept our message, I have been able to see just even the slightest change in their countenance while we talk to them.  We have also had the chance of meeting some truly amazing people who have stopped and listened!
 Friday we were out on the streets, and it was towards the end of a long day, and we were both just kind of done.  I felt that I just needed to talk to one last person, so I awkwardly went to the other side of the street and stopped this guy--and he just started talking, and we just had the best time talking with him. 
He called us later that day and said, "Would you be able to meet tomorrow?"  We said of course--and sure enough, we did!  We had an amazing lesson with him, and at the end we asked if he would be willing to be baptized.  He immediately responded, "Absolutely."  
{Her dear friends from Taby--Pontus and Susi--travelled to Helsingborg to see her. She was so happy to see them!}
He came to church yesterday and we set a date--and he was just so willing and so wonderful! It was truly amazing to be able to see the difference in him after having the truth be brought into his life. 
 The Lord answers prayers.  I know this because He has done it time and time again for me, and I have seen it in the lives of others.  Open up to Him and let Him know how you feel. He truly cares and He will answer you...but there is only one way to find out if that is true, and that is to try it
So, go ahead and follow our Prophet Joseph Smith's example.  After all, it was simply a question a 14-year-old boy had that led to the restoration of the true Church of God.  You never know what might come from a simple and sincere prayer to your Father in Heaven.
 D&C 88:126 says, "Pray always, that ye may not faint, until I come.  Behold, and lo, I will come quickly, and receive you unto myself.  Amen."

Never forget that the Lord will come.

Med Kärlek,

Syster Campbell

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