Monday, January 16, 2017


Hello there!

Well...our friend got Döpte!  He is now officially a member of Jesu Kristi Kyrka av Sista Dagars Heliga!

But, before we get ahead of ourselves, let's look at all that happened before we were even able to get to that point!
 Tuesday--Work-overs with Örebro sisters.  That means that we went on a super fast, long train to get there, and that we all stayed there and worked--as opposed to splits, where one companionship is in each area...but this was too far for that.  

So, these things usually never turn out as planned.  Let me tell you what I mean...
{now that's a big bench!}
I was actually to be on splits with my old companion Sister Christoffersen!  Good to be back with her!  I have now gone on splits with 3 of my previous companions!  Anyways, well we had it planned to go visit a less active lady that was apparently living in a rehab center. Yeah... no.  We basically spent 30-minutes looking for this rehab center that didn't exist--because guess where she actually lived?  A Psychiatric Hospital!  HA!   Well, wasn't expecting that one!

Well, after going through a lot of weird, slightly creepy halls and rooms with big, shiny, silver, bolted doors, we get into this triple-locked room.  Once in there, we had to take off our jackets and bags and put them in lockers and then continue on into this little room with 4 chairs and 2 nice little flower paintings...the door shuts, and we were literally locked in.   And we wait.  Syster Christofferson and I were continually making eye contact and I'm pretty sure she was making the same face I was.  It was sketch.  Now, for all of you "Psych" fans out there--that episode at the Psychiatric hospital?  Yeah, that was going through my head the whole time! 
The lady eventually came in, and we taught her a little lesson.  At the end, she left and went to go get the people to let us out.  As we were waiting both of us just looked at each other and said,  "That went pretty well, didn't it?"  "I think so..... but what just happened...?"  "I don't really know....."   We realized that during the whole thing, nothing was really that off, and I think that's why we were the most freaked out--everything and everyone seemed fairly normal.   So, what did they even do to get in there?  We had a lot of time to think as we were escorted  out of the room, down the hall and walked out the back door.

You know, it's little things like that that you would never just think would happen in a typical day.

Anyways.  That was a long day.
Wednesday we traveled back--and on our way home, something just felt not quite right. Soon after a 2 hour train ride, having a "no show" lesson or "blåst"--then another hour train ride to a member's house for dinner--I realized that I was not doing so hot.  However, there just so happened to be a blizzard on this day, as well!  I'll spare you the details. We were basically out in this blizzard (my first blizzard!) for over an hour--on the way to and from their house after dinner. The whole time I just wanted to throw up so bad so I could just start feeling better... 

My sweet companion would try to comfort me and I was just like, "Go!  Keep walking!  You're fine!  Your footsteps are the only things giving me hope of getting anywhere right now!  Keep going!"  Haha!   Apparently I'm not good at letting other people help me when I'm sick!  But I was literally crying/just short of sobbing the whole way.   We then have another hour long train ride and 20-minute bus ride before we were home.  This was agony. I don't know if I have ever been able to use that word before.  But it feels quite applicable for this situation.
Anyways, long night.  No fun.  But the next day, I just stayed on the couch and slept.  That is, until one of the systers later that night asked,  "Is that couch even comfortable?"  "Uh, it's good--I'm like 6 inches too tall for it, but it works!"  Then she says, "Oh yeah, this is a pull out bed!"  Hahaha--"What!?"  About time!  So she helped me pull it out and oh, so much better! 

Well, my comp and one of the other sisters went to go teach a lesson we already had scheduled, and my sweet little 5'2 syster stayed back and gave me like a 90-minute back rub and then painted my nails.   When the other systers came back they were astonished by the Spa our apartment had turned into.  Needless to say, they are so sweet and they take good care of me!
 Well, there's no resting longer than what you think you need, because the next day was Distrikt Meeting an hour away--and then another splits!  I got to spend the rest of that night setting up for our baptism the next day and oh, my are there a lot of little things that you wouldn't normally think about.  So, that was fun and completely exhausting for a sick girl...but great!

But, then the day of the Baptism!  Everything was perfect--okay, well we could have probably explained for the 5th time how to BEND the knees!  Though kind of hard to watch, he went under and came up again.  That's the point, right?  Well, it was great!   He was so happy, and we just can't stop being amazed at just how prepared he truly was.  Afterwards, he was going up to all of the members and saying thank you, and just saying how good it felt! Oh, it was precious!
{Sys. Campbell asked me not to post a picture of the wonderful man who was just baptized--but this picture is too wonderful not to share--so I just cropped him out. Systers Anderson, Campbell and Aldste Cragun}

It was truly a miracle.  But that's just the start.  Priesthood and temple are coming soon!

But along with that, he has also already gone above and beyond, and has been bringing a friend with him to Church!  He kind of has taken this one under his wing.  It is his colleague's son, and he is just kind of acting as another father to him.  He has gone through a lot so far in his life,  and our sweet new convert is making it his job to bring him into the light and joy he has felt.  Amazing, right?
{Their Chapel}
The next week she texts us and says that he wants to meet us.  She actually has a son on a mission.  She has been divorced, and her ex-husband has custody over the kids, but she has been in close contact with her son and wants to become active again for him.  So her and her husband came in to Church, and they just start talking about when we can come over.  The husband then asks if we could pray for his niece who is actually a member in Germany and is quite sick.  Then she said, "we thought you two could come over this week and teach us about fasting and then we could all fast together."
Isn't that amazing?!  The Lord's work is going forward!

Well...that was a lot.  But that was a good lot.  Maybe that didn't really make sense--but hey, I've gone through a lot this week. 

Great week--but now I think I just need a little nap!
 But for now, go read, "If Ye Had Known Me."  One of my very favorites from this past October General Conference, given by Elder Bednar. 

Med Kärlek,

Sister Campbell

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