Monday, March 27, 2017


Well, hello there!

This quite literally has been a week of miracles.  I'll try to keep it short...

We received two new baptismal dates, three new people that seem very promising, an 87- year-old Swedish lady that might become an investigator from seeing "The Book of Mormon Musical" with her grandson.  Our wonderful new convert blessed the Sakrament for the second time yesterday--that was wonderful! 

Then another miracle last night--we were contacting, and then behind us I hear, "Are those the Mormons?"  Then somebody comes up behind us and interrupts our other contact--basically we had a solid 25-minute street lesson, and this guy just had SO many questions... really good questions, too.  Sister Christensen and I agreed that neither of us feel like we have felt the Spirit quite so strong during a street contact before.  Just never have felt such a desire for them to just listen and take what you are saying and just ask for themselves! 
It was right in front of a bar--and the whole time we were talking, all of these different people came up and would join in on the conversation, and then leave, and it was just the guy again.  At the end, he didn't want to set up another time.  A quick shut down to meeting again.  We were kind of bummed about that, but we were just kind of astonished at how that felt.  How it felt to just really feel the Holy Ghost so powerful on the street...pretty amazing. 

Well, time went on, and about an hour later we get a call from an unknown number.  I answer, and just recognized the voice immediately.  He says, "I don't know what it is, but I cannot stop thinking about our talk.  You really planted a seed in me and I am really curious now."  Such a miracle!   And we set up a potential meeting for later this week.  We are really praying this all goes through--but a miracle, if you ask me!
And lastly--the new Easter Initiative is coming out soon!!!  I believe on March 31st.  You guys, it is marvelous.  I was just blown away.  It is beautiful and just so captivating. 

We had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) this past week to learn more about it, and to plan how we were going to get it spread here in the Sweden Stockholm Mission.  But the focus of it all is The Prince of Peace.  

I just blew it for you all, but I am telling you, you have got to see the video when it comes out.  It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  But, as well as being an amazing video, it also came as an answer to my prayers.  I cannot even tell you how blown away I was at just how much this training meant to me.

Peace is a gift.  It is a constant.  Peace is the calming reassurance from a loving Heavenly Father that everything is okay even when everything else would tell you otherwise.
The second half of our training was on Spiritual Whirlwinds.  It was based off of a talk called "Spiritual Whirlwinds" from Elder Neil A. Anderson, and a Mormon Message made from it. They showed the Mormong Message, and I just loved it!  Some may find it weird, but I absolutely love it. 

It talks about how in life, we lose sight of our focus and are led off by little gusts of wind that soon turn into something so much stonger if we are not aware.  It then talks about a power that can help us back onto the right path: 
"There is of course a powerful force that will subdue the wounds of sin.  It is called REPENTANCE."        -Ä. Neil A. Andersson

 A powerful reminder of the wonderful gift that is Repentance.  In a world where the winds are blowing all around us at reckless speeds, we can find safety in the eye of the storm. When we are focused on the Prince of Peace, we can go forward in peace amongst the chaos of this world.
I know now that this is perhaps one of the greatest of God's gifts to us.  The gift of Peace.  We all seek for an inner peace that can only be found in The Prince of Peace.  I have seen that, looking back on my mission, there has been one constant--Peace.  Through the good and the bad and the just plain seemingly impossible, there was still some level of peace.  I always knew that all the hard parts were just for a moment...  
 That peace is what allows me to look back on it all with an eye of gratefulness.  I am truly grateful for my Savior, The Prince of Peace.  For the ability I have to look forward with an eye of faith--to be able to see the good in it all.  Peace is precious--and it is a gift.  It is something to give and something to receive.  Never cease to be the peace that someone else is searching for.
I love you all, and now just go prepare for General Conference--make it so you get more out of this Conference than you ever have before.  Make it so personal to you that you will always turn to your Father in Heaven out of gratitude for the many blessings and answers He will give to you. 
This is an amazing opportunity to hear from our dear Prophet and the Apostles of the Lord. After all, the Father and the Son are still at the helm.  Leading their ship.  Though the waves might be crashing all around us, we need not be worried--for the Prince of Peace will calm the storms soon enough.

Med Kärlek,

Syster Campbell
Peace like a river....................................

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