Monday, February 27, 2017


Hallå allihopa!

And the craziness continues...... beautiful trip to beautiful Stockholm with my lovely companion. Funny side note: she was craving Mexican food the whole day.  Girl just wanted a taco.  I said, "okay, we can try to find you a taco, but I don't know what the likelihood of it is...we are, after all, in Sweden." 
We walk down the streets of Stockholm and look down this side street...big letters: "TACO BAR."  My companion was in heaven--so we quickly captured the moment and made a sharp right to fulfill some dreams.

This has also been a week full of splits craziness!  Örebro Systrarna kom på tisdag--6 sisters in one apartment.  The dynamics were a little fun there!  No more work-overs here.  It was all good though--not too much of a struggle! 
I was with the sister who is being trained, and it apparently was a scary experience for her. Okay, not really but you'll see why. 

So, this day was for some reason the day all of the Book of Mormon bashers wanted to come out.  Now, what I have found since being on my mission is that I have definitely gained a backbone when it comes to defending the Book of Mormon.  If trash is spoken, things get fun.  Well, it's all done lovingly, of course!  
But all these people were bashing, and I'm just here to give them a reason or two not to do so!  9 out of 10 times, things end quite splendidly.  Let's just say I ended up sharing part of 2 Nephi 29 with one of these guys--if you're not familiar with it, give it a go!  It was done completely respectfully, but it does give them a reason to start to listen. 

The sister I was on splits with was apparently quite impressed, and went back to tell her District Leader about it--and when we called him later that night, he said, "So, I hear sister Campbell lays down the law!"  Haha!  I just don't deal with crap.  That's what I've come to find.
 Next day, splits in Eskilstuna.  That went fairly swell.  I spent a total of 4 hours in quite possibly the coldest weather I have ever been in.  Honestly, I have never been so thoroughly numb in my whole life.  And it was a sunny day in Eskilstuna.  

As we were walking back to the church for lunch, the only thing we could relate the feeling of numbness that we were feeling to, was as if we were walking in those air-walk shoes--you know the ones that have way more tread and cushion than ever needed?  Well, kind of like walking on clouds.  So, despite the throbbing pain everywhere else, that actually felt pretty cool!
Next day we had District meeting in Eskilstuna, and basically had a great meeting--but afterwards, we realized that our phone locked us out.  We had our tickets on there, and we had no way of getting home!  Lots of calls later and bothering our poor Office Elders, they said they would meet us at our chapel to fix it.  

Now, to get back to the church was the problem.  So, we had to get a ride from the Elders, got to the church, and just about passed out from hunger and tiredness from being on splits the past 72 hours.  So, we were just waiting there for the Office Elders, and then our Elders gave us a call, and and said that "their Mark and his minions" (their investigator and his friends/followers) were on their way to the church for a lesson, but they already had a different lesson planned, so they needed us to take over.  He was just having his last lesson before baptism, and needed to pick out his clothes and all that stuff, so we said, "Yeah! We would love to!"  We glanced at each other--and a couple of pep talks later, they all show up.
So the POE's  (proselyting office elders) take our phone, and we were left looking for all the clothes we don't know he even needed.  Lots of fun stuff later, the Elders finally show up just in time to help pick out the underwear.  Perfect timing.

Well, he got baptized the next day, and that was great--a big guy being baptized by a little guy--but it actually went a lot better than we all thought!  Help from the other side is so very real.
 As for lessons this week, we had this one guy that I met on the train while on splits and we met him in our chapel the next day and we started teaching him the Restoration--and after every 5 to 10 minutes he would turn to Syster Christensen and say, "I just love Syster Campbell.  She's like an angel.  Since I first met her, just so sweet,"  and said all kinds of things in partial Arabic and English and Swedish.  Once he left,  Syster Christensen turns to me and says, "Well, where was my date?"  Haha!  Awkward circumstances......
But yesterday we had this really great lesson--we taught this guy from Syria.  We taught Frälsningsplannen, or The Plan of Salvation and Jesu Kristi Evangelium, The Gospel of Jesus Christ in 30 minutes without him speaking any Swedish or English.  I think that might be a record or something!  

Great converstaions were had via Google Translate which really didn't pull through. Absolutely nothing he typed made sense, but we didn't have the heart to tell him, so we just smiled and nodded in agreement and told him to come back for a lesson with the Arabic-speaking Elders on Skype!  So, hoping things will go well!
I typically would say it's been a pretty normal week--but it really hasn't.  And next week will be even more so not so normal--always adventures to be had.  But thankfully, I've got a companion to laugh through it all with, so--things to be grateful for!

Now, a couple of little quotes to leave you with that I just love:

"The Lord did not make it easy but he made it possible."

"Even miracles take a little time." -Fairy Godmother
 "Opposition allows us to grow towards what our Heavenly Father would have us Become." --Äldste Oaks

"Don't let the world change your smile, but rather let your smile change the world."

And one of my favorites to think about while being in this lovely work--
 "If we understood the true meaning and importance of our message, we would be RUNNING to every door."

That's something I definitely need to internalize more but it is something that I have felt on occasion. Now, to just develop that even more.  If only we actually knew what a blessing it is to be a missionary.  If we only knew what it truly meant to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--I don't think any one of us would want to complain about anything.  I don't think we would have any problem opening up our mouths to share the glorious truths with others.  
So, until we get to that point, "It is our duty to be better than we were yesterday and better tomorrow than we were today."- -Joseph Fielding Smith.  Find that conviction and run with it!  The world needs exactly what we have!

So now, choose one of those quotes--which ever you will--and run with it!  Apply it and try and see just how truly blessed you are.
{translates to "Past and Future".  perfect.}
 I love you all with all my heart, and I'm grateful to be on this little voyage figuring out exactly what I have always had....

Syster Campbell:)

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