Monday, February 13, 2017


Well, hello!

It's been a good week here!  I'm going to keep this letter pretty simple, though and share a couple of the miracles of the week!

1--Raul.  We met him on the street for just a second.  He gave us his number and told us his name, so I typed it into the phone, and then he wanted to see how I spelled it because he knew I would have spelled it wrong.  Well, he checks and he was SHOCKED that I actually spelled it right!  Growing up in Salinas has paid off! (meaning, being around a lot of people named Raul!)
Anyways, we met with him and had a super good lesson.  We came to the end of the lesson, and we were just so sad because we knew that neither one of us had packed a Spanish Book of Mormon that day.  I just had a thought to look over in this little display case (at the Chapel) that usually just has English, Swedish, Arabic and Persian copies of the Book of Mormon in it...but, guess what?  I look--and there's only one left in the case.  As I looked into the case, all my eyes see is "EL", and I jumped up, ran over and grabbed it!  It was just the coolest thing!  He thought it was pretty cool, too!  So--miracle of the week.  Along with........

2--Jawad.  So, on our way home one day earlier this week, we were hurrying to catch the bus home. We were right on schedule, but then I felt we needed to talk to this person we saw as we were walking by.  So, we stopped him.  After a long conversation, we found out that he is actually a member and had just moved here about a month ago!

He's a fairly recent member and had NO CLUE that there was a chapel here in Söderältje!  So, we got his number and went on our merry, little way.  We missed our bus, so we walked he 40 minutes home--but it was TOTALLY worth it!

It just makes me think of the letter I wrote a few weeks back--when I was reading 3 Nephi 17.  That is the chapter where Jesus is visiting the Nephites after His resurrection--and then after teaching them for hours, He tells them to go home and get some rest, and that He would then return and be with them again the next day.
But, they instead desired to stay a little longer with the Savior--and because they did, Jesus went on to heal the sick, and pray to the Father over all of them.  He blessed their little ones, and then they watched as angels came down from the Heavens to administer unto them.

But, why did all this happen?  Because they desired to STAY LONGER with the Savior.  I have been starting to see how this lesson that they learned that day can so easily be applied into our lives.  As we are willing to give up little things here and there--little conveniences--to help others, we will be blessed.  I have come to find that those blessings tend to come in the form of JOY and SATISFACTION.  Two things that I feel get very easily overlooked.

3--Last one of the day.  So, on Saturday, we got to meet with TWO SWEDES!!!  Now, it may seem like--well, isn't that what you've always been doing?!  But, if you know the Sweden Stockholm Mission, you woud know that on a daily basis, there is a 5-2 ratio of Arabic to Swedish copies of the Book of Mormon in my bag at any given time.  In other words--teaching Swedes is very rare!  But, we had two Swedes in a row that day!  We were pretty happy.  Honestly, I just have to say I LOVE MY MISSION.  I can see how it's just so tailor-made to ME.

And I'll leave you all with a cool, little insight that I got yesterday.

Ether 4:7--

"And in that day that they shall exercise FAITH in me, saith the Lord, even as the Brother of Jared did...then will I manifest unto them the things which the Brother of Jared saw, even to the unfolding unto them all my revelations."
Ether 4:4--

"Behold, I (Moroni) have written upon these plates the very things which the Brother of Jared saw; and there were NEVER GREATER THINGS which were made manifest than unto the Brother of Jared."


To me, the message of verse 7 means that no matter what it is in the Book of Mormon, all of its promises, all of its miracles are applicable to us TODAY.

I have often come across scripture passages that I love, but then have a hard time truly feeling it applied to me, as they usually started out being addressed to a certain person.  THIS promise in verse 7 just really made me realize that if the Lord is commanding Moroni to take account of the most miraculous event and then has him say that anyone can experience the same thing based on their faith--how much many miracles are we stopping from happening in our lives because of our unbelief?  Our lack of faith?

And verse 13:

"Come unto me, and I will show you the GREATER things, which are hid because of your unbelief."


With much love,

Syster Campbell

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