Monday, October 3, 2016


General Conference.

Well...I think I've said enough.  It was just amazing, eller hur?

I can't even tell you all how exciting General Conference is as a missionary.  We were just giddy all week coming up to Conference!  And it did not disappoint--not like it would, of course, but it was definitely more than I ever dreamed of!  I hope you all loved it, too, and were able to be taught from it--if not, go watch it again!

But to start off, I'll do a quick little sum up of things!
First of all--I couldn't be happier with this transfer!  I absolutely ADORE my two sweet companions.  They are just a joy to be around, and they make the work just that much sweeter!  We are just having the greatest time together, though--so many wonderful people we have been able to teach, too!  Three really solid people we have been able to teach this week--all of which are really seeking to find the truth, and they are just AMAZING!!!
--Other than that, we have had a bird almost kill us by flying right in front of our faces as we were just walking, and nearly giving us all a heart-attack.

--We made an insanely good apple pie in a pan!  It was a 10-minute version, and even better than normal pie!
--A lady sitting by us in the library while we were having a lesson just started cutting into our discussion for what turned out to be an HOUR!  The lady just kept talking!  Just saying how she was Orthodox--only prayed to God, Jesus, Mary and the Apostles--said she believed in Prophets, but didn't know who Adam, Noah, Abraham, or Moses were. 
She kept interrupting when ever we would try to answer one of her questions, and then at the end was saying how she wanted to learn English--and then told Syster Eldridge that she had really good English. We just sat there awkwardly about that--and then our Swedish investigator said--"She's from America...." Then she said, "Oh, well you're very good at it!" Hahaha!  Syster Eldridge just said, "Thanks...I think!"

So funny!

--I got my first unlike me.  Godis are what Swedes practically worship here.  It is Swedish candy that everybody is just obsessed with!  I got a teeny, tiny bag just in the name of tradition--because every General Conference, it is a missionary tradition to get Godis--so we did!  Sweets for a sweet weekend!
I hate to say it, but Swedes LOVE salt Lakrits--Black licorice--and it is kind of growing on me.  I know!  It's horrible, right?!   don't know what it is, but some kinds are actually not that gross!

--On to other wonderful news...IT'S FINALLY FALL!!!!!!  It's cold, blustery, rainy and leaves are  falling everywhere!  I am just in love with it all!!!!
But for the sake of time, I shall go on--now to Conference!

So, I don't know about you guys, but this Conference I sure heard a lot about missionary work--I thought that was pretty cool!  We were actually able to have 2 of our investigators in Conference with us, and they just LOVED it!  One of them, after like every 5 sentences would just super quietly say, "Oh, beautiful!"  Oh, it made my heart so happy! 
After each session, they would just come up to us and just say, "That was really amazing." Both of them just keep saying that they really are looking for the truth, and they really feel like they have come to something amazing. 

They were both blown away my the choirs, and just loved seeing how everyone there was just happy.  They kept saying, "This is what the world needs."  And we were just like, "Yup, you know that's right!"  --Not saying it like that of course, but it really was amazing to see. 
I loved when a speaker started talking about something I knew one of them would be interested in--and then I would see them lean forward, and just give their complete attention to the speaker.  It was really special!

 Really quick for my favorite Conference thoughts:
I was just blown away by Syster Oscarson's talk--about making the gospel real to you; and President Uchtdorf's  "Fourth Floor, Last Door"  in the General Women's Broadcast last week.  And then Craig C. Christensen's talk on our dear Prophet Joseph Smith; and Elder Neil L. Andersen's on the coming forth of the Restoration. 

I really loved Elder Russell M. Nelson's talk on JOY!  It was beautiful!  And Elder M. Russell Ballard's, "To whom shall we go?
The Lord's way really is the only way, and if we would just open our eyes and KEEP them opened, we would all be able to see that.  When the winds on the sea start beating on the ship, you're not going to jump out are you?  NO!  And the case is the same here. 

When trials come our way, are we going to leave the very thing that will save us?  I sure hope not!  The Savior is on the Ship.  He knows the way, and He will guide us all home.  We must show our faith in Him by staying in the ship--or in this case--His Church--and by not letting go!  Holding on with faith.  I loved his words!
And then, of course--our wonderful Prophet.  How beautiful and sweet it was.   Our Prophet is truly The Prophet of God.  Just like in my letter last week about the Book of Mormon from Elder Holland's talk, the same can be said about our dear Prophet: No evil man could be our Prophet, and no good man could--unless he was called of God.  And so it was with our dear Thomas S. Monson.  Everything he said was exactly what I was praying that our investigators could hear. 
The Lord is so very aware of our needs, and has sent us Prophets to speak in His behalf. What greater witness can we ask for than all of those beautiful, pure witnesses that we have been able to see and hear.  The Gospel is sweet--but even sweeter when you know that it is the Truth.  So many are searching for the truth in life, so let us share it with them!
Well, there is much more to be said about Conference, but until I have the actual quotes, I don't really feel like going on to butcher their eloquently phrased analogies and similies! Maybe we'll have some good material for next time!  Plus, I still have to watch the Sunday afternoon session!

Well, I must be off--but just remember to keep that flame burning.  Keep that testimony growing strong!

With much love and all...

Syster Campbell

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