Monday, October 24, 2016


Okay.  Now, this is ridiculous.  How is it my year mark?!  I've been living in denial of that fact this week, and so has one of my dear companions, Syster Davis....
{a few from their wonderful MTC group at Systers Conference last week}
One year ago, we were just entering the wonderful Provo MTC together, so we have been reminiscing about all of the good ol´ times we shared in there together...Tiden går så fort!
 {On the train headed for Stockholm!}
Well, this past week was a dream.  We got to go to Stockholm for Systers Conference!  Yes. We are spoiled in this mission.  The theme was "Be Loyal to the Royal Inside of You!", complete with a crown for every princess.  Literally--the whole day they just treated us like princesses.  Needless to say, it was pretty great! 
One of the best parts was that we basically got to watch the whole new "Cinderella" movie! We were just in heaven!  And then lunch was a candle lunch--I would say "candlelit dinner" except for the fact that it was lunch and the candles weren't lit!
Well, then the AP's, (Assistants) walked around dressed like butlers filling our drinks... seriously...what Mission does that?!  It was great!
But sadly, the dream had to come to an end, so we just had to leave with the motto, "Have Courage and Be Kind!"--my favorite.
{Evidence that the Systers (Princesses) arrived home before midnight!}
Oh, and also we got to stay in the Stockholm Systers' apartment, which is right in the heart of Stockholm--and you can go on the roof!!!  I was dying!  It was so GORGEOUS!!!  And yes. There are pictures--too many, in fact!
 Then on to reality, which basically still is a fairytale to me--I mean doing the greatest work on earth in Sweden.  Sounds pretty wonderful to me! 
Well, everything was pretty normal that week after our Conference, except for the fact that we got to be in the Primary program, haha!  There are so few kids in our  ward's Primary that they asked us to sing with them!  It was pretty fun...except for the fact that they had the missionaries sing the first song alone--and that was a little funny for us!
But anyways, it was pretty great, because we had a practice last Sunday and then again on Saturday, and the kids were just freaking out!  They were sobbing left and right, and my comps and I were just quietly laughing and thinking--"Huh...I wonder how this is going to go down next week?!"  But it actually turned out great!  And the best part?  These members are amazing and brought like 4 families from school to come and watch!  It was so cool to see them being missionaries, too!
 Quick side note from  my wonderful companion, Syster Eldridge.  So are just emailing here at the Church, and she gets up and says, "Do you guys want some hard-boiled eggs?  I just boiled some."  Syster Davis and I just look at each other like, WHAT?!  Hahaha!  It was so random, and we had no clue she did that!  I know that probably doesn't even sound that funny, but it was just so completely random to only bring eggs to the Church, boil them while we were emailing--and we didn't even notice that she was doing it!  Haha, good times!
 Well, some tips for this week:

--Become a Syster missionary in the Sweden Stockholm Mission because they treat you like a princess.
--Have a companion make hard boiled eggs for you while emailing.

--Have Courage and Be Kind
--Read Alma 56.  I am in love with all of these later Alma chapters--I keep reading and re-reading them!
--Listen to "Joy and Spiritual Survival" by President Russell M. Nelson: "When the focus of our lives is on Jesus Christ and His gospel, we can feel joy regardless of what is happening--or not happening--in our lives."
 The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.

Love you all,

Syster Campbell

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