Monday, October 10, 2016


Well, I'm kind of sick right now, so this won't be the longest letter in the world, but let's see where we can start................................

Alright, well first of all, we can start with Syster Davis quotes of the week!

"You don't want your crust? I'll take it--the crust is the healthiest part!" All of us just stare at her...she says, "What?"  We just say, "Are you serious?"  She says, "Yeah, look it up.  My mom told me!  It has the most nutrients...."  We had no words.
 Later that day, "When I was little my Dad would tell me that the brown spots on bananas were chocolate!"  "How long did you believe that?", we asked.  "Till I was like 10."   Silence once again.
 Next morning, as were listening to our favorite song, "The Cat and the Mouse", a David Archleta and Mormon Tabernacle mash-up, Sys. Davis was just belting it out, and then was came walking into the room and seems to just be talking to herself, and says, "Oh David, I appreciate you!"
You can probably imagine Sys. Eldridge and I just about dying at that point!   Oh, my--there really never is a dull moment with these two!

By far the most interesting day would have to be Lördag. 
It started out with an amazing lesson at the Church.  One we have been waiting for for a long time---as our investigator said, "I think this was it.  I really think this lesson was the missing puzzle piece that I just really needed!"  And let me tell you--I have rarely felt a confirmation so strong that that was why I was here!  Oh, it was so cool! 

He then just said, "I just need to walk around for a minute".  He came back in, and grabbed his cigarette packet out of his pocket...and CRUSHES it!!!  It was truly an epic moment.
After that amazing lesson, we had 8 minutes to make our train--at the station--15minutes away.  So we ran.  Literally sprinting, we were just cracking up the whole time, just a line of three girls with nametags and skirts running as fast as they could to the station!  Everyone we passed just laughed and laughed, as we just said, "Hej Hej!" in an exhausted yet enthusiastic manner to everybody we passed by! 
We barely made it onto the train, and didn't even get out of the station before Syster Eldridge somehow finds dog stuff to step in.  So, we go get that cleaned up and then we headed over to our dinner.  

Then, on the way back we are just sitting at the bus stop when we hear this nasty scraping sound and turn around to see this bike with absolutely no air in the tires, and an old guy still riding it--and he just says to us, all grouchily, "Jag vet.  Det funkar inte!" ("I know! It doesn't work!"), and just rides by!  Haha!  It was pretty great--and has been quoted many times since!
 {She's having to duct tape her shoes now.....she's pretty proud of that, I think!}

Well, it has been a pretty great week!  Hope you all could get in a couple laughs from our experiences!  Oh--and we just got to watch the Sunday Afternoon session of General Conference--so how about that talk from Elder Renlund and his beautiful homeland SWEDEN!  
I just have to say we were all really quite proud!  Just thinking about cute little deacon Elder ((roll the -r) (Rean-loond) from Göteborg (yuh-tae-bor-y)--setting off explosives in Church! We showed this talk to  our investigator, and he absolutely LOVED it!  He especially loved the part about Omvändelse, or Repentance. 
But the cool thing is that in Swedish, omvändelse is both repentance and conversion. During most conferences we have with our Mission President, he says, "Now what do we do in the Sweden Stockholm Mission?"  And we all repeat back, "Teach Repentance and baptize converts."  At first, I never really got that--but after a little time, it just made sense.  We baptize people who are converted.  And converted means changed.....
Just like with our sweet investigator right now, he considers himself a Mormon.  He has told friends he is a Mormon, and tells them what he/we believe!  But just having him listen to this talk, and seeing him just nodding and agreeing with everything that was said, I just realized how that moment was just the definition of "teach repentance and baptize converts."  It is really one of the greatest blessings to be able to see somebody become TRULY converted!
And we have another friend--I think I talked about him last week, but he is just great. Basically, we had an amazing lesson with him yesterday--and at the end he just said, "Well, I've been thinking...can we possibly set a day for me to be baptized?  You know, just like something to really work towards?"  
We all just looked at each other with--what we would call it in my family--with "screaming eyes"!  It was just so beautiful!  I say beautiful, because "beautiful" is this  investigator's FAVORITE word!  He says it about everything!  And where he is right now truly IS beautiful!

Well my dear people, I wish you all a beautiful week.  Love life, make good choices, and enjoy the little things--like taking showers in the dark because your companion plugged in a hair dryer from America and blew out the fuse three days ago!

Med Kärlek,

Syster Campbell

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